wa-cul-knowへの想い – concept-

wa-cul-knowへの想い – concept-

「和の心」を感じていただけるwa-cul-know -feel the Japanese psyche -

Do you know wa-cul-know?

Do you know "wa-cul-know"?
“Wa-cul-know” is a project offering overseas visitors to Hiroshima a chance to sample traditional Japanese culture.


The name “wa-cul-know” was created as a combination of “Wa (meaning Japanese),” “Cul (from culture)” and “Know.” Together, they sound like the phrase "Now I know" in Hiroshima dialect, "wakaru".


A variety of tours and activities across Japan offer an experience of Japanese culture. "Wa-cul-know" lets you try various aspects of the culture while wearing traditional Japanese kimono.


Even Japanese wear western clothes and use chairs, and have fewer and fewer chances to wear kimono and sit seiza style on a tatami mattress.


But many Japanese people, like many tourists, find themselves thinking "I want to wear a kimono! And I have fun!"


Wearing a kimono makes you feel like strolling the town, tasting good green tea or trying your hand at Japanese calligraphy.


Experiencing Japanese culture, handed down across generations, while wearing kimono can give you a glimpse of the "Japanese psyche" and carry you out of your usual daily life in western clothes.



Our “wa-cul-know” project was born out of my wish to give overseas visitors to Hiroshima an experiential, physical encounter with Japanese culture, instead of only seeing Japan through books, TV or the internet.


“Wa-cul-know” provides many Japanese culture experience programs, each of which can allow you to feel the “Japanese psyche.”


We arranged these programs so that you can feel hospitality, a meeting with yourself, and the experience of enjoying time with others.


Our hope is that you will bring home your experience of heart-to-heart bonding and meeting one another through Japanese green tea, incense, brush, fan, furoshiki, chiyogami and kimono, as a lasting souvenir of your visit to Hiroshima.


And we believe that your experiences here, and the mindset they foster, can connect Hiroshima to the world and help us all to build peace with our own hands.


We hope many people, both from Japan and abroad, will visit us to "switch on" the feeling of a Japanese frame of mind.


Our staff, in kimono of course, look forward to your visit.


CEO message

Wearing kimono made me more interested in Japanese culture. I thought, "I want to know more, and experience more."
And my passion for wearing kimono not only on special or formal occasions but in my daily life, as well as my desire to give other people the chance to have fun together while wearing kimono, is the origin of "Hiroshima Kimono Asobi (Hiroshima Kimono Recreation)."

Ritsuko Sawai
wa-cul-know project
(Representative of Hiroshima Kimono Asobi)