Japanese traditional culture

Making Japanese Confectionies
Japanese confectionery chef guide of how to make “Nerikiri” is made of white kidney bean paste (siroan), sugar, rice flour (gyuhi) and water. You can make two.
◎Fee 1000 JPY
(1) 11:30 am~12:30 pm (2) 1:00 pm~2:00 pm (3) 3:00 pm~4:00 pm

Make a strap Japanese traditional braids.
Braided cord is the traditional Japanese craft, a cord made by interlacing fine silk threads and cotton yarns. You can select the color whatever you like!
◎Fee 1000 JPY
◎Time: About 30 min

Make a New Year Decoration with Kumano-Blush
Do you know “Japanese Zodiac”?
Next year is “Rat”.
Let’s try to calligraphy making a New Year Decoration with Kumano-Brush!
◎Fee 1000 JPY
◎Time: About 30 min

Making tea by yourself
Would you like to experience “making your own tea”? You don’t have to sit Japanese style this time. Also have seasonal sweets.
◎Fee 1000 JPY
◎Time: About 20 min

“Mizuhiki”is a decorative cord that is tied around the gift or an envelope.
Make a strap or form of macaroon using Mizuhiki code, this time.
◎Fee 1000 JPY
◎Time: About 30 min

Let’s try Tousenkyou!
Throwing fans at a target! Your score depends on where the fan and the target land. Prize for participation!
◎Fee 500 JPY
◎Time: About 15 min

Kimono wearing experience
“Kimonos” can be a form of art. You can choose whatever you like.
◎Fee 2000 JPY

KIMONO Flea Market
Used kimono, obi, accessories, and books, etc.
Please enjoy KIMONO market!

KIMONO Coordination contest!
There are 5 coordination in the event. Please vote your favorite one.

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